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Home security for the outdoors - How to protect your shed and backyard area

We love our gardens and as these cannot easily be seen from the street, we often tend not to pay enough attention to protect them. That’s why we thought to give you a couple of tips and tricks on how to effectively protect our garden and backyard before a burglar finds the way to get in.

1.) Make sure your fences are secure enough

Your fences should be secure and burglar proof all around the house and the backyard, to prevent any intruder from simply climbing in.

2.) Bushes with large spikes are the best natural protection

Plant large spikey bushes all around your fences, because these would give the best ever natural protection and keep the burglars at bay. In the same time many of them have attractive flowers too

3.) Get a dog

It may sound old fashioned but burglary do not like dogs because dealing with them is complicated and time consuming. A dog can be the best protector of your outdoor areas for this reason, irrespectively of its type and measures.

4.) Sensor lighting works effectively

Sensor lighting in the garden or backyard area, especially around the garage, shed and other outbuildings can be very effective to scare burglars away, especially if the light is strong enough to be seen also from the outside or by neighbours. Sensor lights can be installed by a locksmith an electrician or by yourself too. As an extra, they don’t cost much of money either.

5.) The risk of tools

Many of us do not think sheds being left open can pose any risk to our home security but if we think further, they really can especially if they contain tools such as ladders, tables which can help someone get up and simply get in the house via a window that’s left open on the first floor. Other tools, screwdrivers, hammers can also be used by a burglar to break in a home and they would do so, with your help. Therefore make sure your shed is always closed and locked when you are not out in the garden.

6.) Install a self-closing lock or latch

These are easy to use and can prove to be too trick for a burglar to try with them, especially if the latch leaves only a tiny latch hole, so that there is not enough room for a hand to push through.

7.) Install a proper alarm system

Of course when it comes to security, nothing beats a good alarm system which of course can also be installed on the outside area. And apart from having one installed, make sure you put out stickers of the alarm system on the outside, in order to deter burglars from breaking in into your home.

8.) Make cameras visible

If you decide to use cameras for your alarm system put a few of them to a visible place so that burglars can also see what they can count with for start.

Ask a professional locksmith service with experience with alarm systems to suggest the best suitable home security system for you.