TechComms RSS List (updated)

Download TechComms RSS Feeds here – OPML file – 7th October 2012

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Inspired by the Tech Writer Blog Directory, created by Tom, I started compiling a list of Technical Communications RSS feeds that I find interesting. Some are by Technical Writers, some are not, some are business focussed, some software development focussed, and some cover a variety of different topics but I’ve yet to have a day when I didn’t read or find something interesting and useful.

If you have an RSS newsreader, then feel free to grab a copy of my subscriptions. If you right-click that link you should be able to download the file, and then just import it into your newsreader of choice (I prefer Google Reader).

And, of course, I’d love to know if I’m missing any websites. I have added a few since I first posted this file, so thank you to everyone who contacted me. Keep them comin’!