And it’s goodbye from him…

Six years ago I realised that I had some thoughts and things to say about the Technical Communications profession. I had just changed jobs and with that came a renewed passion for my career. I started reading more, started interacting with others through their blogs, Twitter and was lucky enough to start attending conferences.

I already had a personal blog, and so I wrote a few of my thoughts down and posted them there, never really being comfortable that it was of interest to anyone bar me. The next step seemed pretty obvious and so, One Man Writes was born.

The new position came with a level of latitude that allowed me to take the team in a new direction, I wasn’t tied to a particular methodology or set of deliverables, and so we could look at single sourcing, putting our content on the web, and generally moving away from a document-centric view of the world.

So, almost six years to the day since I started this blog (and whilst the slightly OCD part of me would like to hang on and post this on the 1st of March, I think it’s better to get this over with now) it’s time to bring it to an end.

I have a new career, a focus away from Technical Communications and I know myself well enough to know that this blog will slowly fade away if I don’t make the decision to close it.

I’ve had a lot of fun writing posts for this blog, and I’ve been lucky that it has sparked a lot of fantastic conversations and given me some amazing opportunities to speak at conferences, meet some fascinating and engaging people in the technical communications community and a large part of me is sad to be closing this door.

I’ll be leaving the posts here and the site will stay live for a couple of years at least. I’m still getting traffic to older posts and if there is value there for others than I’m happy to keep it available.

It’s been a blast, see you all on the flip side!!


8 Responses to “And it’s goodbye from him…”

  1. Colum McAndrew
    12 February 2013 at 15:02

    We are sorry to see you go Gordon but I am sure you will be as successful in your new role as you were in TechComms. All the best and thanks for your thoughtful and insightful contributions.

  2. Kai
    12 February 2013 at 15:10

    All the best, Gordon! And thanks for your thoughts, for your work for ISTC and for sharing tech comm goodness all around.

  3. Alistair Christie
    13 February 2013 at 06:24

    It’s the end of an era. Sad to think that your posts will no longer be dropping into in my inbox. Thanks for one man writes Gordon, I’ve enjoyed reading it over the years. All the best with your new role.

  4. Sarah
    14 February 2013 at 02:07

    I’ll miss reading you, but thanks for all the thoughts you have provoked and discussions you have started. Best wishes for all the new challenges.

  5. Scott
    14 February 2013 at 06:31

    Sad to see you go, Gordon, but I understand where you’re coming from and (more importantly) where you’re going. Good luck with the new direction.

  6. Bonnie Chase
    22 February 2013 at 02:46

    I’ve enjoyed following your tech comm career, and I wish you all the best in your new role. If you decide to continue blogging in the future, I’d love to hear about your new experiences :)

  7. Katrina
    22 February 2013 at 21:43

    Good luck x

  8. Alok
    5 March 2013 at 10:49

    Ah! You’ll be missed :(